Pain Across Top Of Foot

Pain Across Top Of Foot : Joint Pain Gout

Pain Across Top Of Foot


  • Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury
  • A feeling of marked discomfort in a particular part of the body
  • a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder; “the patient developed severe pain and distension”
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  • cause emotional anguish or make miserable; “It pains me to see my children not being taught well in school”
  • Mental suffering or distress


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  • A corresponding part of the leg in vertebrate animals
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pain across top of foot

pain across top of foot – KeyOvation VM2-LSB

KeyOvation VM2-LSB Vertical Mouse – Optical – USB – Silver, Black
KeyOvation VM2-LSB Vertical Mouse - Optical - USB - Silver, Black
Reduces Hand Movements – 1200 dpi true optical resolution sensor moves the pointer quickly to reduce hand movements. The pointer can be moved across a 17 monitor with only 1/2 (13mm) movement of the mouse. Most other mice have 400-800 dpi and require more hand movement. : Programmable Buttons – (XP Pro, XP Home only) 5 buttons each programmable with different functions in different applications : Special Features – (XP Pro, XP Home only) Speed toggle – cycle among up to 3 pointer speed settings by keyboard shortcut or mouse button. For example, a high speed for ordinary tasks, and a slow speed for graphics work / Auto click – automatically perform a single or double click by pausing the pointer. Adjustable time delay / Click lock – press and hold a button momentarily to simulate continued pressing without holding down the button. Adjustable time delay /Break Reminder – visual and/or audio alerts to remind you to take a break. : Compatibility – PC – Includes driver for Windows XP Pro and XP Home for programming all 5 buttons (The driver is not required. The VerticalMouse 2 still has basic functionality without it) / USB, PS/2 Mac – 1 button in OS 9 without a driver / 5 buttons in OS X 10.4.5 without a driver – left click (top), right click (middle), expose’ (bottom), show desktop (wheel), select window (thumb). Third Party universal Mac driver available (not included) to enable button programming /USB portUnix – 3 buttons without a driver. Wheel button is middle click / USB port Linux – 5 buttons in XFree 4.0.1 or higher and Knoppix Linux 3.9 or higher without a driver – left click (top), right click (middle), middle click (bottom), middle click (wheel), right click (thumb) / USB port : Dimensions (LxWxH) – 4.6 x 3 x 3 inches (11.7 x 7.6 x 7.6cm) /Cable Length – 6.6 feet (2 meters)

What we do on airplanes

What we do on airplanes
My companion to the left was just slilghtly taller than 5 feet. He brought a baby blue plastic seat cushion with a hole cut out in the center, carefully set it down — adjusting it a few times — and then sat down and unwrapped his asthma inhaler from its beige velour sleeve, took a few quick pops from it, and began watching ‘Enter The Dragon.’

The woman to my right, just across the aisle, craned her neck forward out into the aisle and softly moaned "Oooh my sciatica…" her shirt bursting at the top button, while her companion kneaded his forehead and struggled with checkers on the iPad.

I tried to chat with my friend to the left. He stared into my eyes with a face which seemed to say "For god’s sake, please don’t talk to me." So I turned to express compassion for my friend to the right and we agreed "there’s nothing worse than back pain."

Then I put on my sunglasses, leaned back in my chair and slipped into cramped little dreams of tipping over buckets, and cutting my way out of cans with sharp teeth. When I opened my eyes again we were landing. None of us said goodbye to eachother. The moment was passed, and we were strangers again.

dixie cat

dixie cat
Post college I moved to Philly with my friend Katie. (This pretty much cements that I only have friends with the same name as me, I might need to start branching out) Katie came with two cats: Conroy and Dixie– and so began my love affair with other peoples pets. Conroy was HUGE and Dixie was super tiny. Conroy was a pain in the ass and Dixie lived under the bed. This is a rare shot of her out in the open in our apartment. Sometimes she would get locked in my room during the day and I would come home to find tiny paw prints in the dust across the top of my jewelry box. OMG THE PAWS.

We’ve come a long way from there. Katie married Frank (who is seriously one of my most favorite people EVER and I’m pretty sure Katie knows I would marry him in a heartbeat simply for his being awesome and he has the best family ever- they love me for some reason) had two kids and moved house a few times. I’m in London and far away but she and I have a very special friendship. One that just simply exists and always will.

Conroy was put down a few years ago and Dixie was put down yesterday. So I drag out the only photo of have of her and present to you- my friend’s cat.




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